Prodys: RAI Radio 2, official radio station of the Sanremo 2024 Festival tested Quantum2 family codecs.

RAI Radio 2, the official radio station of the Sanremo 2024 Festival, has decided to test the new video functionalities of the Quantum2 family of codecs during the production of this event.

The Sanremo Festival was held from 6 to 10 February and was an unprecedented success this year, with 74 % of the Italian television share for Sunday's final, the highest audience in the last 40 years.

During the week of the festival, a Quantum2 W unit has been transmitting an audio and a video stream from the show's headquarters in Sanremo to the RAI Radio 2 studios in Rome, using BRAVE Diversity mode. At the studios in Rome, RAI has had a Quantum2 AV system capable of receiving both streams simultaneously.

The Quantum2W / Quantum2 AV combination is the most compact solution for quality audio and video transmission from the venue to the studio. The portable Quantum2 W has 3 microphone/line inputs and an SDI/HDMI video input and allows the transmission of 2 audio and 1 video streams using a variable number of IP interfaces, both fixed and wireless.


This solution was also put to the test in Rome this week for Vatican Radio's broadcast of the mass from the Argentinean National Church in Rome, which took place on the occasion of the visit to the Vatican of Argentinean President Javier Milei and his meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis.

This mass was streamed to Argentina using a Quantum2 W which used the 6 LTE modems provided by the equipment itself and an external HG10 communications module to send the video. The receiving equipment was a Quantum2 Lite AV, a small half rack unit with AES67 audio interface.

This system is being used by Vatican Radio with full satisfaction since the Youth Days held in Lisbon in August 2023, in the presence of Pope Francis himself.

The perfect performance of the Quantum 2 equipment at these events reinforces Prodys' position in the Italian market, where it has been present for years in the main radio communication companies thanks to the work of its distributor PRINCO.

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Notes: Press Release - Prodys - February 2024