ABU - DRM Webinar on Delivering Emergency Warnings with DRM.

7 February, Wednesday @ 3:30-5pm MYT (GMT + 8).

The webinar organized in cooperation with DRM Consortium showcases the DRM digital radio standard's emergency warnings functionality. The ABU-DRM webinar will detail how DRM Digital Radio can complete and enhance existing national emergency infrastructure using its Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF).

During the interactive webinar session, DRM experts will detail how in-built features of the DRM standard can be efficiently used to deliver emergency warnings only to the affected areas, in several languages in both audio and text. DRM offers more than an enhanced signalling service and has all the tools already to function nationally and regionally as a complete emergency warning system, saving lives.



Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chairman

Ruxandra Obreja has been the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium Chairman since 2008. In the last few years Ruxandra has been deeply involved in the promotion of digital radio all over the world, after a career spent at the BBC World Service where she worked as a journalist, editor (Romanian and European services), commissioner of World Service English programmes and as Head of business development, BBC WS. She was presented with a prestigious Romanian award for her work in the media, with focus on digital radio.

Alexander Zink, Vice Chairman, DRM Consortium

Since 2000, Alexander Zink works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated as Chief Business Development Manager Digital Radio & Streaming Applications. Initially he developed the mobile and location-based information system UMIS. From 2001 on he focused on the professional broadcast head-end technologies "Fraunhofer DRM, DAB ContentServer".
Since 2002 he is project director for Journaline, an interactive text-based information system for digital radio.

Radu P. Obreja, Marketing Director, DRM Consortium

He has extensive experience in Business Development, Marketing and PR having worked for large international companies in various industries, like Visa International and Visa Europe, where he also held the position of Vice-President.
Radu Obreja is a member of the DRM Steering Board and is actively promoting the roll-out of the DRM standard in Asian, African, South American, as well as in some European countries.

Yogendra Pal, DRM India Chapter, Hon. Chairman

He was Advisor with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, for the implementation of Digitisation Addressable System (DAS) in the Cable TV network in the country. He superannuated from All India Radio & Doordarshan as Additional Director General after over 36 years of glorious service.
He is the life fellow of Broadcast Engineering Society (India) and Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers.

Info: www.drm.org

Notes: Announcement - Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium - January 2024