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What are the Cookies we use in our Technological Online Portal & .com

Cookies are called very small information text files, which are used by browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). They help to better operate a site & a web portal, enabling to recognize the user's preferences whenever they visit this site or the web portal.
In the Technological Online Portal & .com, there are 4 different types of Cookies:

♦ Functionality Cookies: They allow the implementation of basic functions of the Portal. These Cookies do not collect information about visitors that could be used for marketing purposes, or to memorize the websites they have visited.
♦ Advertising Cookies: These Cookies are necessary to display the ads according to the preferences of each user.
Statistics Cookies: They are being exploited in terms of user visits and are giving the administrators of the Technological Online Portal & .com the necessary help for improving the content of the Portal for the sole purpose of offering the appropriate experience to its visitors. These Cookies do not collect any information that might be helpful in identifying each visitor.
Cookies of Preferences: These are the Cookies that help the & .com Technological Online Portal to display content with exceptional personalization for its individual user.

Why these Cookies are being used by the Technological Online Portal & .com?

The only reason is the smooth and proper operation of our Technological Portal and the provision of the appropriate experience to each visitor.

What about the personal data of our users?

The Technological Online Portal & .com does not require and does not collect personal data from its individual visitor while browsing its content (news, articles, multimedia).

Even if a user wishes to participate in an online contest conducted by our Technological Portal, he or she should consent to the registration of his/her email address, name, surname and phone number. All the data are exclusively intended for the direct communication with the users of our Technology Portal (only in case of the announcement of the winner of the lottery), but also for the smooth operation of the service. Information collected during a competition will never be given to third parties, not for any reason.

The user can always change the browser settings from the toolbar to disable some, or all of the Cookies. Of course, if Cookies are disabled, it is most likely that some of the content of the Technological Online Portal & .com will not be displayed on the screen of the device.

To use social media buttons, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and link them to social networks and external sites, domain scripts are used outside of our control. You should be aware that these sites are likely to collect information about any of your own act on the Internet, including our Technological Portal.

If you click on any of these buttons, these sites will enter this action and can use that information. We encourage you to read the relevant policies of these websites to learn about the exact way they use your information, and to learn how this information can not be used, or deleted.

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