DRM Digital Radio - BES Expo 2024 Visitors Enjoy DRM Live Broadcasts in Car.

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium gave visitors the chance to compare old analogue sound with excellent live DRM digital Medium Wave audio and text in a car parked at booth (C1), on the second day of BES Expo (Broadcast Engineering Society) in New Delhi, India. Visitors to BES2024 can get the latest updates on AIR News 24/7 on DRM Digital Radio. Over six million new cars in India already have DRM radios.

The versatility and flexibility of DRM, the only digital sound broadcasting standard in all frequency bands, was also highlighted during two presentations at the BES conference. Their focus was on big DRM take-up in the whole of Asia and the world, the DRM multichannel single-transmitter solution for maximum cost-efficiency to digitise the FM band, new DRM revenue opportunities with more services and new DRM receiver solutions.

Watch the Video:

The previous day the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium had introduced a new technical development showcasing DRM Digital FM reception on a mobile Android phone. DRM Digital FM reception does not depend on proprietary receiver technology. It can be received easily on a mobile phone using an existing, off-the-shelf analogue FM tuner chipset, as already used in billions of devices

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Info: www.drm.org 

Notes: Press Release - Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium - 16th February 2024