Advanced HDR by Technicolor® is Fully Integrated into ATEME’s TITAN Offerings.

Paris, France, May 15, 2024 - ATEME, the leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV and OTT – has integrated Advanced HDR by Technicolor -- a suite of high dynamic range production, distribution, and display solutions -- into its TITAN offerings.

TITAN is ATEME’s high-performance video compression solution designed for broadcasters, content owners, and service providers to deliver high-quality video content efficiently across various platforms and screens.

Advanced HDR by Technicolor is a collaboration between Philips, InterDigital and Technicolor. According to Valerie Allie, Senior Director of the Video Solutions Group at InterDigital, Advanced HDR by Technicolor's integration into ATEME's Titan offers several advantages.

“Integrating Advanced HDR by Technicolor directly into TITAN streamlines the delivery of HDR live premium content in the Advanced HDR by Technicolor format, allowing for larger deployments and increased capabilities for broadcasters, including rights owners. This simplifies workflows while opening up new options for broadcasters and streaming providers to maximize and scale their HDR distribution capabilities,” said Allie.

This announcement marks the latest development in the evolving relationship between ATEME and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

In addition to available implementations of Advanced HDR by Technicolor technologies in production, playout and file-based conversions, the integration of Advanced HDR by Technicolor with ATEME’s TITAN increases scalability and deployment capabilities for broadcasters. It is now possible to leverage the capabilities of different vendors to deliver premium HDR viewing experiences to consumers. HDR content enabled by Advanced HDR by Technicolor can be delivered along with AVC, HEVC and VVC codecs and from any SDR or HDR source content.

About Advanced HDR by Technicolor

A collaboration between Philips, InterDigital and Technicolor, Advanced HDR by Technicolor® is a suite of High Dynamic Range (HDR) production, distribution and display solutions that leverages machine learning (ML) technology to maximize image quality and enhance the consumer viewing experience. There are two major components to Advanced HDR by Technicolor:
•    The Intelligent Tone Management (ITM) tool provides a dynamic, tunable, real-time solution to up-convert SDR content to HDR with full freedom and flexibility to manage contrast, brightness and color saturation.
•    The Single Layer HDR (SL-HDR) is a dynamic and tunable real-time tool that implements the ETSI SL-HDR standards to generate and deliver a single, consistent, high-quality broadcast stream starting from any mix of input content (such as live, movies, news) across a wide range of HDR formats (HDR10, HLG, S-LOG3). SL-HDR1 transforms HDR input streams into SDR-plus-metadata streams. SL-HDR compatible receivers provide consumers with high-quality HDR images that can be adapted to optimize the display capabilities of their devices. Thanks to the unique backward compatibility feature of SL-HDR1, consumers who do not have HDR devices can enjoy the highest quality SDR experience.

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Notes: Press Release - Ateme - Paris, France, May 15, 2024