Results of the WG FM#106 (HYBRID) Meeting, 12-16 February 2024.

WG FM met in Thessaloniki and on-line, 12 to 16 Fabruary.  146 delegates from 33 CEPT administrations attended the meeting.

Results of this meeting:

Topic: Review of the RLAN VLP OOB emission limit below 5935 MHz

The meeting considered two options for OOB emission limit below 5935 MHz.  Option 1 proposed the relaxation of RLAN VLP OOB emission limit to -37dBm/MHz. Option 2 proposed the same limit but with additional mitigation techniques to protect CBTC systems operating in 5915-5935 MHz.  WG FM decided on Option 1 for the revision of ECC Decision (20)01 and the associated draft CEPT Report and will suggest the public consultation by ECC on this basis.

Topic: CEPT Report and ECC Decision on the shared use of the 3.8-4.2 GHz

FM60 requested guidance from the WG FM on two issues. 1) on whether to be explicit in the draft ECC Decision and draft CEPT Report, on whether in-block power limits are strict, or if Administrations may allow other maximum in-block power limits on a case by case basis.  2) on the OOB emission limits below 3.8 GHz and whether the emission mask could be relaxed in the case of synchronised use.  The meeting agreed that Administrations may allow other maximum in-block power limits on a case by case basis and that mandating synchronisation was not supported, as not all technologies may be able to synchronise with MFCN.

Topic: New ECC Recommendation on governmental UAS in1880-1900 MHz and 1910-1920 MHz

The meeting approved the public consultation of the draft ECC Recommendation (24)02 on governmental UAS for public consultation, ending no later than 17 April 2024.

Topic: Short Range Devices

In response to the permanent mandate on SRD, the meeting endorsed 9th update CEPT Report 85 for publication by the ECC.  In addition, a further CEPT Report 86 on millimetric SRD was also endorsed for publication by the ECC.  The meeting agreed several updates to the SRD Recommendation 70-03 annexes and agreed the format of a new annex that is intended to be the repository for legacy entries, that were formally listed in the main annexes of this recommendation.  The meeting did not however agree to include new 915 MHz entries in the ERC Recommendation 70-03 Annex 2 on Data Acquisition that had been studied in ECC Report 326 and ECC Report 343.

Topic: Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The meeting considered the ongoing revision of the ITS ECC Decision (08)01 and ECC Recommendation (08)01.  WG FM decided that the regulatory framework should remain based on the technology neutral principle.  The meeting noted that that coexistence between road ITS technologies is outside its remit.  As such the meeting developed a draft letter intended for the ECC to send to the European Commission.