Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) Consortium to Hold Annual General Assembly “Smart, Global and Green”.

The DRM Consortium will hold its virtual General Assembly on March 30th with the participation of members and guests from all continents (Indonesia, Pakistan, UK, Germany, Romania, Australia, India, Canada, Brazil, Romania, South Africa, USA).

The first session (1000-1030 UTC), open to members only, will review the good progress made by DRM in the past year and then confirm the election of the new officers of the Consortium and their role in the Steering Board and other bodies of the Consortium for the next two years (2022-2024).

The following open session (1100-1400 UTC), open to all members and guests will be a good opportunity to take stock of the DRM rollout in the world, of new developments and practical applications of the standard and of the progress made in getting to the market receivers and new prototypes announced by receiver and chipset manufacturers (Cambridge Consultants/CML, Gospell, RF2Digital, Inntot, NXP, Fraunhofer IIS, Starwaves and others) and fully unveiled on March 30th. They are now supporting the full DRM standard (AM and FM) and all the DRM features set giving extra benefits, like EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality), distance learning, extra content in various languages. Do not miss any of the new announcements!

The agenda also includes a presentation on the facts and data gathered during the India DRM FM trial and the recent initiatives of the strong DRM India automotive group.
The keynote speech will touch on the revival of radio and shortwave in the current general climate.

The online meeting will give members and guests a chance to share news and ideas and to contribute to the strategic directions of the Consortium. It will continue to strengthen the links with the automotive and receiver industry and will enhance the general communication, be it virtual or face to face, in new, transparent and innovative ways.

According to DRM Chairman, Ruxandra Obreja: “The Consortium is strong and looking with confidence to the future. Even in these difficult months, Digital Radio DRM has proven to be flexible, green, smart, as DRM digital broadcasts can be easily deployed for large coverage or be inserted even in what looks like a full FM band spectrum. We are practically demonstrating that DRM can offer audio and data, vital information, distance learning, and disaster warnings at low energy costs. DRM is part of the digital landscape making it possible for everyone, no matter where they are and, whether they are connected to modern technology or not, to stay informed, educated and safe.”

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Notes: Press Release - DRM - 21 March 2022