Nielsen Certifies Wheatstone Streaming Software for PPM Watermark.

Now, streams can be counted, whether streamed from a Wheatstone appliance, on-prem server or AWS cloud data center.

New Bern, NC, USA - Wheatstone is putting PPM watermarking where the processing is, including on streams and in the cloud.

The company’s core streaming software was recently certified by Nielsen for insertion of the Portable People Meter (PPM) encoded watermark. Affected is Wheatstone's Layers Stream, a full suite of software for streaming from an on-premise server or a cloud data center. Wheatstone also makes AoIP streaming appliances Streamblade and Wheatstream, which also include the PPM watermark.

Now, whether streamed from a Wheatstone appliance, an on-prem server, or in an AWS cloud data center, streams can be counted separately or tallied with on-air listenership to attract advertising buys.

“In the case of Wheatstone, we’re integrating the encoding right there in processing software rather than running it through a hardware encoder after the fact,” commented Eric Kmetz, Nielsen Product Manager. "It's a much better way to operationalize it," he added.

“As a processing manufacturer, having that Nielsen encoder certified as part of the processing chain gives our broadcasters the assurance that their station is not only going to sound its best, but it’s also going to be measured by Nielsen,” said Jeff Keith, Wheatstone’s Senior Product Development Engineer.

Wheatstone and Nielsen engineering teams completed the certification process in January after extensive testing for quality and error detection of both audio content and the watermark being streamed through Wheatstone processing software.

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