Wheatstone combines latest in AoIP, Cloud and Connectivity to create the Infinite Studio.

Wheatstone is combining the latest in intelligent AoIP with cloud and robust connectivity to create the infinite studio capable of sharing media, workflows and resources across distances.

Wheatstone is known for its intelligent WheatNet IP audio network of 200+ interconnected AoIP elements in use at broadcast studios around the globe.

More recently, the company extended into the cloud and server realm with its Layers Software Suite, which includes mixing, streaming and FM software hosted on a local server or running on cloud data centers.

Now, for the 2024 NAB show, Wheatstone is adding Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) protocol to its AoIP technology and running its Layers software on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Accelerator.

RIST connectivity provides the error correction necessary for realtime media delivery across any IP link. AWS Global Accelerator is Amazon’s private network made for media with high availability and security features critical to 24/7 broadcasting.

Wheatstone will be demonstrating the infinite studio during NAB, West Hall, booth W1731, as well as its SystemLink® MPX over IP transporter for the complete cloud-based or local server FM air chain.

Info: www.wheatstone.com & AV SYS *
* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - Wheatstone - New Bern, NC, USA- March 2024