Another Ryan Seacrest Studio Opens, VOXPRO included.

VoxPro recording and editing is used for patient call-ins in all 14 Seacrest studios at children's hospitals around the country.

New Bern, NC, USA - It is number 14 for VoxPro and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation with the December 5 opening of a broadcast studio at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. This is the latest studio built at a children’s hospital by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Like the first Seacrest studios built at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in 2010 and all those that followed, the new studio will broadcast more than 30 hours of live content a week on closed-circuit TV throughout the hospital and include Wheatstone's VoxPro recording and editing for song requests and other call-ins by hospital patients. “We have designated phone lines like any radio station where they can call in to request favorite songs,” said Nicole Mead, VP of Business Development & Operations for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which was started to help young patients explore the creativity of radio, television, and multimedia during hospital stays.

“Many of the patients come down to the studio to participate but there are others in isolation who have to stay in their rooms and can’t come down for whatever reason, and this gives them a way to be a part of it,” she explained.

Radio and media personality Ryan Seacrest was inspired to open the first Seacrest studio after seeing the healing impact his broadcasts had on young patients during his frequent visits to children’s hospitals. Seacrest Studios for hands-on radio, television and media production and participation are in children’s hospitals in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, Philadelphia, Queens (NY), Salt Lake City, and Washington (DC). College students and others have interned at these very same studios and gone on to careers at ESPN, Spotify and elsewhere in the industry.

Known as the universal standard for live editing in on-air control rooms and newsrooms worldwide, VoxPro controllers and software are in all Seacrest studios, and were donated by Wheatstone through Broadcasters General Store. “We could not do what we do for these patients and their families without partnerships like this,” said Mead.

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