Radio Tempo Fortaleza selects the digital audio mixer AEQ CAPITOL IP.

Radio Tempo is a Brazilian radio station founded in 1988, characterised since its beginnings for a very wide variety of musical programming where, as its slogan says, "all the TIME the best music ", which in the original Brazilian would be "o TEMPO todo a melhor música! The station has three outstanding programmes on its schedule, such as Túnel del Tiempo with music from the 80s and 90s, Tiempos Dorados with romantic-style music, and En Passant, which combines music with the most important local and regional information of each day.

Currently the technical management of the company has decided to renovate its main broadcasting studio in Fortaleza where of course AEQ digital technology has a prominent place, being the heart of the whole system an ultra-compact AEQ CAPITOL IP mixer through which all the signals produced there pass. The technical Managers has been decided to install AEQ technology for its robustness and simple operation.

AEQ CAPITOL IP is a digital audio mixing console with a fixed configuration of 8 or 12 faders. In CAPITOL IP the implementation of IP connectivity is based on a single module of 16 input and 16 output channels, incorporated in its core. One of the main qualities of AEQ CAPITOL IP is the wide input capacity available: 4 micro/line, 12 analogue, 4 digital stereo AES/EBU (AES3), 2 digital stereo USB, 2 optional telephone lines, and optional digital multichannel audio links; 16 AoIP channels over two ethernet connectors or 64 MADI channels input over optical fibre.

AEQ CAPITOL console is very popular in universities around the globe, as it offers digital technology with IP functions, supporting the latest features demanded by the market, but with a very simple and especially robust operation, which makes it the ideal unit for these training studios where future operators and journalists begin to discover the reality of their next job.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 03/07/2024