Prodys and NEP: a very successful collaboration.

NEP The Netherlands has opted for IP codecs from Prodys for a variety of large projects in recent years. This platform is used for big international clients for fixed intercom between hubs, occasional use for our LiveCenter (MCR) and remote commentary. The platform is managed by the Sourcing & Distribution department of NEP The Netherlands.

Currently the platform of NEP consists of 340 devices from Prodys:

Quantum2 XL: 90 pieces
Quantum XL: 61 pieces
Quantum Nerea: 99 pieces
Ikusnet2 ST: 4 pieces
Ikusnet ST: 8 pieces
Nereus: 78 pieces

Most of the equipment is hosted in NEP’s own data center at the Media Park in Hilversum (close to Amsterdam).  All the Quantum2 XL devices has been packed in a flightcase and been used by commentators around the globe . Through ProdysControlPlus and assigned rights to different users, a separation is made between operational use and the 3rd line support team (admin). NEP’s Sourcing and Distribution team in the Netherlands is an important end user and in continuous dialogue with Prodys and contributes to the improvement of the SW and its use.

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* Distributor for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release – Prodys - October 26, 2022