Prodys: Quantum2 new features.

Prodys has just released a new firmware version for its Quantum2 audio/video codecs with two very interesting additions:

The first is the Ethernet Tunnel functionality, which allows to link two remote local networks, connected to two Quantum2 units, using all existing network interfaces between the two devices.

This creates a single virtual network that would allow, for example, an operator to control from the studio, via IP commands, devices connected to the portable equipment, such as a PTZ camera, even those based on multicast or broadcast commands.

To make this connection between networks, an Ethernet tunnel (OSI Layer 2) encrypted with public/private keys is enabled.

The Ethernet Tunnel functionality can be activated in the portable (W and XL) and stationary video devices (AV and Lite AV) of the Quantum 2 family and is also available on our IkusNet3 video codecs family.

The second new feature of this new version is that the advanced file processing options that were already available in the Quantum Lite reporter units have been added to the Quantum2 portable devices. These options are:

- Linear audio recording (WAV) with the possibility of parallel recording of MPEG L2 compressed audio, so that shorter file upload times can be achieved through compression.

- Insertion of marks in the recording. These marks are useful for further editing.

- Audio playback in local mode.

- Play Online: Playback and mixing with the program audio. Thanks to this function it is possible to insert audio clips into a live program from the Quantum2 unit.

- Integrated audio editor, which allows the extraction of interesting fragments from a larger recorded file and convert these fragments into shorter audio files that can be streamed online or uploaded to an FTP server.

In short, these new features complement the already outstanding performance of the Quantum2 portable units, making it the perfect equipment to solve any type of production on site, locally or remotely.

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Notes: Press Release - Prodys - February 2024