Archiware Introduces P5 Data Mover in P5 Version 7.1 at NAB Show 2022.

Archiware GmbH, expert in data management software, introduces the P5 Data Mover at this year’s NAB Show booth N625. The new extension will be available in the upcoming version 7.1 of the Archiware P5 data management platform.

Munich/Las Vegas, April 6th, 2022 - The P5 Data Mover is an extension of the P5 Archive module. It offers policy- based moving and copying of archived data between tape, cloud and disk storage. This HSM-like extension offers flexibility for any storage strategy. Data can easily be migrated or copied between storage tiers. A migration plan runs periodically and selects data according to a predefined age. This way, users can automatically move data from hot storage to cold storage and in any direction they need.

Additional features in the upcoming P5 version 7.1 cater towards data security, transfer and access. Multi- factor authentication provides an added layer of security. UNC path support enables easy access to network source and target storage. The MHL checksum manifest of LTFS archived data ensures that the source data has been saved and recovered without any alterations.

Numerous Archiware hardware and software partners will attend this year’s NAB Show. New integrations with the P5 data management platform include Seagate, OpenDrives, and GB Labs. A complete list of Archiware partners is available in the NAB Partner Map:

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Notes: Press Release - Archiware - Munich/Las Vegas, April 6th, 2022