Archiware Announces New Collaboration with Seagate Technology.

Αrchiware GmbH announces a collaboration with Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX) to optimize media workflows and ensure maximum data protection. The new integration makes it easier for teams to manage growing volumes of data and guarantee its availability at every stage of production. Archiware P5 offers automatic backup, replication and media archive features to protect and preserve media on Seagate storage products and services.

Seagate provides end-to-end mass-data storage infrastructure solutions including LyveTM Cloud and LyveTM Mobile, edge storage data transfer services and enterprise data storage systems, hard drives, and solid-state drives. The company’s high-capacity mobile disk systems, and high-performance flash arrays are ideal server building blocks for modern media workflows. LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate, offers best-in-class SSD and disk solutions for production and post-production workflows.

Archiware’s P5 data management software offers professional protection, replication, backup and archive for production storage. P5 Backup ensures that large data sets are backed up in the shortest time possible. P5 Archive is a long-term storage solution for data migration with mini-MAM features. P5 Synchronize replicates data to ensure maximum data availability.

“We are glad to work with Seagate and offer such a broad spectrum of solutions together from protecting ingest and time-critical storage to servers and cloud storage,” says Dr. Marc Batschkus, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Archiware. “Seagate is a very agile and powerful partner that focuses on the M&E market to provide best services and solutions for media production.”

“Seagate’s mass capacity storage solutions simplify management and enable frictionless data flow throughout the data lifecycle,” said Ted Oade, Director of Global Marketing at Seagate Technology. “Our collaboration with Archiware builds on those capabilities to elegantly solve the unique data management, protection and availability needs of M&E professionals.”

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Notes: Press Release - Archiware - Munich/California, December 7th, 2021