Grass Valley Demonstrated Enhanced Functionality for Framelight X Asset Management at NAB Show 2024.

Montreal, Canada – April 2024 – Grass Valley, a pioneer in live production solutions, unveiled significant improvements to its Framelight X SaaS asset management solution at booth C2308. These upgrades make it easier to record, manage, edit, find and deliver content more quickly and efficiently.

Framelight X is a next-generation federated asset management system - running as a native SaaS application within GV AMPP on-premises or in the cloud.

Framelight X ingests virtually any digital video format and allows users to use internal editing in its HTML5 Editor, or export for connected craft editing in EDIUS or Adobe Premiere. It provides remote working within seconds of a live recording starting, and enables the generation of higher revenues per asset by consolidating content into a single, global asset management system that enables content sharing, avoiding duplication of effort.

According to Damon Hawkins, Director, Production for Grass Valley, “We’ve now added AI support via AWS Rekognition, which can aanalyse millions of images, including streaming and stored videos within seconds. This not only makes it easier for our customers to find the appropriate content for their projects, but also provides the capability for 3rd parties to interrogate our database via an API and return content based on their search. For example, it will find all the clips with the white house, or mountains, or happy faces etc.”

Framelight X, in addition to AWS Glacier and GCP, now supports Oracle's DIVA Content Storage Management, which many Grass Valley STRATUS system owners use, and GV sQ owners can now index their sQ content and render it alongside other native Framelight X content and other file-based assets.

The system can also playout clips based on MOS Running Orders from newsroom computer systems (NRCS), control upstream routers and show the source clip name by simply hovering the cursor over the clip.

In short, Framelight X, with all its updates and additions, enables customers to increase their yield per asset by federating content into a single, global asset management system that boosts content sharing and reduces duplication.

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Notes: Press Release - Grass Valley - April 2024