Archiware Releases P5 Version 6.1 with LTFS as Native Archive Format on LTO.

The new version features advanced updates with a focus on the P5 Archive and P5 Synchronize modules:
• LTFS as native archive format on LTO (P5 Archive)
• Built-in FFmpeg and ImageMagick utilities
• Enhanced Drag-and-drop archiving and restore (P5 Companion App)
• Merging of multiple source folders into one destination folder (P5 Synchronize)
• Checksum verification (P5 Synchronize)
• Optimized volume management for cloud storage

Archiware P5 Archive GUI

Munich, January 26th 2021 - Archiware GmbH, expert in data management software, releases version 6.1 of its P5 Data Management Platform. A highlight of the new version is an entirely new cross-platform LTFS driver, which provides unparalleled efficiency and convenience with LTFS tapes.

Archiware's new approach removes the need for the open-source 'FUSE' software used by competitors. This allows direct control of the tape media, while maintaining full ISO/IEC compatibility. Users wishing to archive data to tape, with full indexing, searching, thumbnail generation, and meta-data ingest can now choose between the P5 Native and LTFS format. This is highly beneficial where interoperability with non-Archiware systems is required.

Archiving to LTFS-formatted tapes using the P5 Archive module is supported on all operating systems. Archiware is the only vendor to offer support for FreeBSD of LTFS-formatted LTO tapes for Archive.

Archiware P5 version 6.1 is now available as an upgrade or free, fully featured 30-day trial on the Archiware website:

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Notes: Press Release - Archiware - Munich, January 26th 2021