Batik TV Deploys X-Pert Multimedia Solutions’ Technologies.

The Indonesian TV channel is using OBI branded Advanced Play and Graphics.

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions, a broadcast software and service provider, has enlarged its network of satisfied customers and partners with another Indonesian TV channel. The local channel Batik TV has entered an agreement with X-Pert’s regional partner PT Horizzon Global Media (PT HGM) and now it fully relies on the PT HGM OBI brand, powered by X-Pert technologies. The contract covers the flagship products OBI Advanced Play and Graphics bundle (based on X-Pert Advanced Playout and Graphics) and the Annual Subscription and Maintenance license update.

“The products of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions provide an optimum price/quality ratio, which is very important for a small TV channel like ours. Usually, the lower price is not associated with high quality, but this is not the case with X-Perts’ products. They do not compromise on quality and at the same time the prices are affordable even for small media companies”, commented Onik Rosidin, IT & Broadcast Technical Manager at Batik TV. “In addition, we can fully rely on their quick reaction and support if needed, which gives us a possibility to concentrate on evolving our products and”, explained Onik Rosidin.

"We are proud to play our part to support local regional development in Pekalongan City, a well-known educational and cultural city, by using our playout and graphics system to help them stream and broadcasting the city's beauty”, said Stefanus Tandra, Sales Director at PT Horizzon Global Media. “We are pleased that Batik TV Pekalongan has recognized our commitment and returned to us for improving its current system."

“We are very happy about our stable growth and clients’ network enlargement in the Southeast Asian market and we are really thankful to have a reliable partner such as PT Horizzon Global Media. It’s good to know that our clients are treated with respect and receive full-range services. Every customer is unique and needs the appropriate approach, which we, together with PT HGM can give him”, said Ludmil Kushinov, CEO of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions.

PT HGM, the Indonesian partner of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions, offers a full range of broadcast products under the brand OBI and fueled by X-Perts’ leading technologies and solutions.

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions product list covers the whole three steps of the TV broadcast process: broadcast delivery, process improvement, and redundancy. The first step includes the flagship products X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Ingest, and X-Pert Graphics, the bundle X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box, and X-Pert List, which is included in X-Pert Playout and X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box for free but could be bought alone also. The second step, process improvement, gives additional value and functionalities to clients’ software infrastructure. Here are listed X-Pert Playout Control, X-Pert Content Replicator, X-Pert Compact MAM, and X-Pert Quality Check. The third step, redundancy, is the way to make the client’s system more reliable. Here come X-Pert Backup Supervisor and X-Pert IP Switch.

Our flagship products:

X-Pert Playout is a playout automation solution, suitable for broadcast organizations of any size. It is available in UHD/HD/SD, SDI, or IP and secures operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It supports SRT on both the encoding and decoding sides, it supports Intel QSV hardware-accelerated MPEG2/H264/HEVC decoding and MPEG2/H264/HEVC encoding. Other key features to mention are: SCTE35 reading and generation over IP UDP transport stream, SCTE104 triggers reading and generation over SDI outputs (Decklink, AJA, Deltacast), MPEG DASH dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP output, etc. Last, but not least music and movie channels can be 100% automated and work without any human interaction.


X-Pert Graphics is our on-air CG and graphics manager. It lets you create static, dynamic, or fully automated objects such as rolls, crawls, multi-layered simultaneous still pictures, analog, and digital clocks, animated logos, etc., and save them in projects. Those could easily be used for direct broadcasting, or as customized templates for future use. In case external data needs to be represented, all of those objects can be linked to external data sources such as RSS feeds, external data files, or GPI triggers.


X-Pert Ingest enables multiple channels of HD or SD content to be captured simultaneously from HD/SD SDI digital feeds, analog sources, and MPEG transport streams. Four video sources can be monitored or ingested on a single screen and controlled via a new streamlined user interface. Audio levels are represented as loudness or true peak displays and adjusted when required. X-Pert Ingest already supports SRT. Its newest features include: IP RTMP/HLS/RTSP/MPEG-2 DASH stream source, NVidia GPU hardware acceleration for H264/HEVC encoding content and IP feeds, and Intel CPU/GPU hardware acceleration for H264/HEVC encoding content.


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Notes: Press Release - X-Pert Multimedia Solutions - March 2022