Archiware Joins Wasabi Introducing Media Innovation Cloud Alliance To Deliver Disruptive Best-of-Breed Media Processing Price/Performance for Media & Entertainment.

Archiware, manufacturer of Archive and Backup software for the Media & Entertainment industry, and Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, announce the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance, a coalition of best-of-breed media technology companies integrating across multiple clouds to deliver a price/performance ratio vastly superior to first-generation cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

BOSTON, MA/Munich - March 27, 2019 – The mission of alliance partners is to enable media companies to affordably leverage independent, next-generation cloud services as an alternative to monolithic first-generation cloud stacks. Services offered by the Alliance span the media lifecycle from content transfer and ingest, to editing and transformation, to playback and delivery, through archiving and library management.

Founding Media Innovation Cloud Alliance partners include:
● Acembly (multi-cloud management)
● Archiware (backup and archive)
● Cinnafilm (transcoding and image processing),
● (archive migration and storage orchestration)
● FileCatalyst (file acceleration)
● Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (systems integration)
● Levels Beyond (media production orchestration)
● Masstech (content archive & storage management)
● Marquis (disaster recovery, backup, archive, in-cloud project versioning),
● Packet (compute)
● Primestream (content production and workflow automation)
● Sohonet (media network)
● Versity (large archive data management)
● Wasabi (storage)
● XenData (active archive)

The Media Innovation Cloud Alliance provides:
● Improved cost/performance compared to traditional cloud services or on-premises solutions
● The flexibility to use best-of-breed cloud services without financial penalties, rather than force media companies to commit to a single cloud provider
● Infinite storage with the performance to serve any need from production work-in-progress to long-term media archiving
● Reduced or eliminated data transfer fees (egress fees) for mutual customers of Alliance members.

A foundational component of the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance is Wasabi, the low-cost, high performance cloud object storage service. Wasabi hot cloud storage performs up to 6x faster than AWS S3, providing rapid access to production work-in-progress and archived content. Designed for exabyte-scale and extreme data durability, Wasabi also features a single high-performance tier with no charge for data egress or API requests. Media companies can easily move their media in and out of Wasabi to take advantage of the best cloud media processing services for any given project.

“Since our founding, Wasabi has been pushing the notion of Cloud 2.0, where workloads can move across multiple clouds without friction or added expense in order to deliver the best finished product at the lowest possible price,” says Whit Jackson, Wasabi’s Vice President of Media and Entertainment. “We are delighted to be working with Archiware and this group of media technology and business innovators who are also committed to enabling the full potential of cloud media processing.”

Archiware CEO Josef Doods is excited about the Alliance: “Customer interest in securing media in the cloud has been rising exponentially over the last few years, and does not show signs of slowing down.

As a manufacturer of Archive and Backup software, our main focus obviously remains on data security – having said that, we also strive to help our customers achieve the flexibility they want and need in the fast-moving M&E environment. Working with the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance is giving us the opportunity to deliver the full package: Their data, safe in the cloud, and available when they need it. And, most importantly, with an affordable, clear pricing structure.”

Service providers with a commitment to flexibility, efficiency and transparency are welcome to join the Media Innovation Cloud Alliance. For more information on the alliance and to request inclusion, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Notes: Press Release - Archiware - BOSTON, MA/Munich - March 27, 2019