Factum Radioscape Provide French Radio Group GRAM with OBSERVA Monitoring.

Factum Radioscape are proud to be supplying GRAM (Group of Radios Associatives of the Nantes Metropole) with the market leading DAB+ measuring tool, the OBSERVA Field Monitor: a  portable device for measuring and analysing DAB+ RF signals.

May 1, 2019 - The OBSERVA Field Monitor accurately monitors and records an array of immediate and informative measurements via an in-house designed RF receiver in conjunction with state-of-the-art software.

GRAM is currently installing the DAB network in Nantes with the commencement date set to 2nd July 2019, with 26 radios to be broadcast including 10 community radios.

Mr. Pierre Boucard, President of GRAM, said the OBSERVA Field Monitor was an ideal device “for SFN tuning and to validate the conformity of the signals.”

Factum Radioscape’s Global Sales Manager, James Waterson, remarks, “The Field Monitor is the ideal solution for all broadcasters to gather comprehensive and accurate data out in the field during surveys. For GRAM, the measurements ensure optimal signal coverage when setting up an SFN in Nantes.”

Factum Radioscape’s Commercial Director, Andy Joseph, added: “Over the past year, the OBSERVA range of monitoring products have proven themselves to be a key component our customer’s DAB infrastructure. We are excited to be adding to the OBSERVA range in the coming year.”

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Notes: Press Release - Factum Radioscape - May 1, 2019