DAB over Cable Network Bolstered by OBSERVA Monitoring.

A major Swiss cable network operator have built upon their Factum Radioscape virtualised DAB+ system with the addition of the complementary OBSERVA Monitoring solution. The OBSERVA Monitor and Analyser software will be hosted on independent industrial PCs in a 1+1 redundancy scheme for complete network assurance.

Digital Radio delivered via a fibre optic cable network (DAB+ Cable) was first introduced as a joint project between Factum Radioscape and Swiss partner Teletrend AG in 2017. The 1.5M subscribers to this service benefit from interference-free reception in areas of the home which are difficult to receive RF signals. By connecting the DAB+ Cable enabled radio to the cable socket, the listener has access to the national range of channels, regardless of location in Switzerland.

James Waterson, Factum Radioscape’s Sales Manager, said “Adding OBSERVA to the DAB+ Cable network brings another level of reliability to the platform. The software provides the operators with a tool to supervise the signal flow from ingest to output. The OBSERVA Monitor is a safety-net, alerting the operators if a fault in the system occurs which can be diagnosed immediately through specific SNMP alarms.”

Info: www.factumradioscape.com & Telmaco SA*
* Dealer for Hellas

Notes: Press Release – Factum Radioscape - August 21, 2019