WorldCast Systems Unveils Ecreso FM AiO Series Release 3.2.1.

WorldCast Systems unveils version 3.2.1 of the Ecreso FM AiO Series, a groundbreaking advancement in FM transmission technology. This release underscores WorldCast's commitment to innovation and excellence in broadcasting. The AiO Series, available in power options from 100W to 1kW, offers unparalleled Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) capabilities, boasting advanced built-in software features like the APT IP decoder, RDS encoder, sound processing, and IceCast and SHOUTCast streaming.

Key enhancements include a complete refactoring of the onboard APT IP decoder, now supporting the AES67 standard - simplifying audio cabling and interoperability with peripheral equipment. Another update includes the management of automatic switching between external exciters and internal direct-to-channel digital modulators, enhancing redundancy and transforming the AiO series into an amplifier for future applications.

Moreover, version 3.2.1 introduces static synchronization of audio between multiple transmitters, ideal for technically demanding applications like SFN networks, ensuring clear and interference-free transmission. Additional improvements cover various aspects of the transmitter, including RDS encoding, SNMP, 7-day graphical history logs, cybersecurity, and easier initial setup of SmartFM for energy savings.

David Houzé, Product Manager at WorldCast Systems, stated, "With this new release, we continue to lay the foundation for a more straightforward, compact, and reliable transmitter site. The journey is ongoing, with more software features to come." Designed to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the AiO series facilitates a transition to software-rich designs - reducing purchases, complex setups, and maintenance trips.

Discover these enhancements at NAB (W3449) and witness firsthand how the Ecreso FM AiO Series is reshaping the future of broadcasting technology.

Discover the Ecreso FM AiO series.

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Notes: Press Release – Ecreso - WorldCast Systems - Bordeaux, France, February 2024