WorldDAB publishes definitive guide to Establishing DAB+ Digital Broadcast Radio”.

Launching on World Radio Day, a new WorldDAB ebook by Dr. Les Sabel offers uniquely detailed practical advice on all aspects of launching DAB in new territories.

13 February 2023, London - WorldDAB, the global industry forum for DAB digital radio, is publishing a ground-breaking new book, "Establishing DAB+ Digital Broadcast Radio," written by broadcast technology expert Dr. Les Sabel.

Launched to coincide with World Radio Day (13 February), the free ebook offers a unique, in-depth guide to the regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of establishing a successful DAB digital radio service.

The book provides guidance to new countries seeking to launch DAB services, as well as offering advice for markets which have already started the process, and those who are nearing permanent service status. It is packed full of invaluable industry insights from Sabel’s twenty years of digital radio experience, to assist everyone involved in establishing DAB+, from media regulators and policy makers to broadcasters and engineers.

The book covers the complete DAB+ establishment process from initial interest through to analogue switch-off. The topics covered include the seven major stages in establishment: (1) initial interest; (2) technical demonstrations; (3) formal standard adoption and regulation including coverage requirements and frequency planning; (4) systems planning and design - both transmission and multiplexer network design; (5) rollout activities including construction, content, receivers, and launch marketing; (6) operations, including ongoing content development and sustained marketing campaigns; and finally (7) analogue switch-off.

Dr. Les Sabel

Dr Les Sabel said: “WorldDAB identified how to establish a digital radio service as a critical issue, particularly in the context of increasing interest in DAB+ from countries across Asia-Pacific and Africa. After the success of publishing a series of articles on the DAB adoption process in Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Technical Review in 2021-22, I was delighted to work with WorldDAB to capture the complete process, in this essential ebook.”

President of WorldDAB, Patrick Hannon

President of WorldDAB, Patrick Hannon, said: “With so much interest in establishing DAB+ around the world, producing a comprehensive guide was a natural step for us. Les Sabel is a leading authority in this field, and we’re pleased to be able to share his experience by publishing this ebook on World Radio Day. DAB is already well-established across Europe and Australia, with over 110 million receivers in use, and we’re confident our new book will help this grow even further.”

WorldDAB is the global forum for DAB and has a wealth of knowledge rooted in its over 110 member organisations. Critically, WorldDAB supports countries wishing to start the process through educational activities such as webinars and demonstrations and is holding a workshop at next month’s ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Kuala Lumpur on 6 March.

The book, "Establishing DAB Digital Broadcast Radio," is now available to read and download for free from WorldDAB's website at:


Notes: Press Release - WorldDAB - 13 February 2023, London