New French-language ebook from WorldDAB: “Mise en place du DAB+”.

•    New French translation of the popular "Establishing DAB+ Digital Broadcast Radio" ebook
•    Unique, in-depth guide to regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of establishing DAB+
•    Published on World Radio Day, reflecting the impact of broadcast radio.

13 February 2024 - With DAB+ in France reaching 60% mainland population coverage in the coming weeks, and significant interest in DAB+ from other French-speaking countries around the globe, WorldDAB is publishing its first French-language ebook: "Mise en place du DAB+ - la radiodiffusion numérique."

The 118-page publication, free to download from the WorldDAB website, is a French translation of the popular "Establishing DAB+ Digital Broadcast Radio" ebook, offering a unique, in-depth guide to the regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of establishing a successful DAB+ digital radio service.

The ebook is published on 13 February to mark UNESCO’s World Radio Day, reflecting broadcast radio’s vital role as a relatively free and portable public safety net during emergencies, as well as the democratic value of radio to serve as a connection within underserved groups, and the companionship it can bring as a friendly voice when needed.

The ebook provides guidance to territories considering adopting DAB+, such as those across Africa and Asia-Pacific, as well as offering advice for countries which have already started the process, and those who are nearing permanent service status.

WorldDAB’s President, Jacqueline Bierhorst

WorldDAB’s President, Jacqueline Bierhorst, said: “With the current rollout of DAB+ across mainland France, and many countries exploring radio’s digital future, we know the time is right to provide guidance in French on how to establish DAB+. Through the ebook, WorldDAB offers a stepping stone to learn from experts around the globe sharing best cases and experiences.”

The book covers the complete DAB+ establishment process from initial interest through to analogue switch-off. The topics covered include the seven major stages in establishment: (1) initial interest; (2) technical demonstrations; (3) formal standard adoption and regulation including coverage requirements and frequency planning; (4) systems planning and design - both transmission and multiplexer network design; (5) rollout activities including construction, content, receivers, and launch marketing; (6) operations, including ongoing content development and sustained marketing campaigns; and finally (7) analogue switch-off.

The ebook is available to read and download for free on WorldDAB’s website, along with many other factsheets and expert guides on all aspects of deploying DAB+:

The English language version, “Establishing DAB+ digital broadcast radio” remains available for free at:

Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as a UN International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD). It celebrates what UNESCO calls “one of the most dependable and widely utilised forms of media in the world.”


Notes: Press Release - WorldDAB - 13 February 2024