Lawo’s Jamie Dunn takes on additional responsibilities as ‘Vorstand’ and Deputy CEO.

Lawo, a global technology partner with a long history of providing innovative solutions for live media production workflows, has announced that Jamie Dunn is taking on additional responsibilities as ‘Vorstand’ and Deputy CEO. Dunn, who joined the company in 2011 and has been Lawo’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) since 2019, will now assume legal responsibility alongside CEO Philipp Lawo and Claus Gärtner, who joined the company as CFO and ‘Vorstand’ last November.

“With Claudia Nowak's retirement in September of this year, it was important to bring a strong representation of the customer and market perspective to the ‘Vorstand’ role”, states Claus Gärtner.

Lawo’s Management Board consists of Jamie Dunn (Deputy CEO and ‘Vorstand’), Claus Gärtner (CFO and ‘Vorstand’), Andreas Hilmer (CMO), Christian Lukic (CSCO), Phil Myers (CTO), Ulrich Schnabl (COO) and Claudia Nowak (CFO and ‘Vorstand’), who will retire at the end of September 2024 and join the company’s Supervisory Board.

Jamie Dunn

“It has been an incredible experience over the past 13 years to contribute to the strong growth and transformation of this market-leading company. During this time, our global brand has been a leading advocate for the industry’s shift to IP. The longevity of Lawo rests on many pillars, but talented and passionate people remain the key element to our continued success and loyal customer base. Innovation has always been at the core of our development philosophy, and the story of our media infrastructure solutions is resonating strongly in the marketplace, putting us in prime position to address the commercial and workflow challenges our customers face today. I am honored to continue to play a key leadership role and represent the company in the next chapter of Lawo’s growth and development.”

Trained as a classical recording engineer and a qualified ‘Tonmeister’ bachelor, Jamie spent the early part of his career traveling the world and working with world-famous musicians. After moving to the manufacturer’s side of the business, his technical knowledge, combined with his sales expertise, saw him take on numerous global sales leadership roles in both Europe and the US at Lawo.

Claus Gärtner, Lawo’s CFO, comments: “Jamie is the natural choice for the additional responsibilities of the Deputy CEO role given his longevity with the company, his strong standing with our customers and his deep understanding of the market. There are exciting times ahead for Lawo.”

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Notes: Press Release - Lawo - Rastatt, 20 June 2024