Ithaca College partners with Vizrt to secure next generation of broadcast talent.

As the first program of its kind, the partnership will see hundreds of students per year graduate as certified Vizrt graphic designers and graphics operators.

Bergen, Norway - 11 June 2024 - Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, has partnered with Ithaca College to upskill the next generation and deliver a pipeline of new talent into the media technology industry.

As the media tech sector experiences a growing demand for highly skilled professionals, the university has adopted a selection of Vizrt solutions to underpin its virtual production curriculum.

“The media tech skills shortage is a challenge for customers. And we are dedicated to taking action to support and inspire the next generation of content creators, our partnership with Ithaca College does just that. By empowering new talent with the necessary skills and hands-on experience, we promote the training of urgently needed new talent for our industry,” remarks Griet Johannsen, Global Center of Excellence Lead, Training and Certification.

World-class tools for a world-class organization

With a commitment to provide students with an exceptional education, equipped with knowledge of the tools being used by the biggest names in the media, Ithaca College sought a new graphics system that would best serve both student and industry needs.

Already familiar with TriCaster for live production, and seeing that TriCaster was now part of Vizrt, Director of Technical Operations Nigel Martin decided that implementing Vizrt graphics and tools into the curriculum was the natural choice.

“Many of the students that leave Ithaca College go to work for major sports broadcasters, and in speaking with them about their needs, we found a lot of them use Vizrt. So, we got in touch about options, and worked closely with Vizrt’s Customer Success department. Not only did we bring in innovative technology, but we got students access to work directly with Viz University – with up to 600 students per year leaving as certified operators,” shares Martin.

Ithaca College brought in graphics platform and rendering engine Viz Engine 5, graphics control application Viz Trio, and graphics design tool Viz Artist to serve as the foundation of its graphics solution. For its virtual production courses, TriCaster’s powerful vision mixing was added.

Bridging the skills gap

Ithaca College is the first university in the world to incorporate Viz University into its teaching program and deliver dedicated classes that focus on Vizrt’s live production products and tools, alongside offering training courses and certification via Viz University.

The students are already utilizing the technology, producing 25 shows per week for ICTV, the historic student-run campus news station.

One of ICTV’s operators, Nick Polisi, a TV Digital Media student at Ithaca College, comment on his experience: "Vizrt gives students the opportunity to take their graphics above and beyond.”

Ithaca College is one of many initiatives that Vizrt is focused on when it comes to addressing the skills crisis facing the media tech industry. Vizrt was one of the founding members of the Global Media & Entertainment Talent Manifesto, and its Viz University team is working to create entry level certifications for aspiring designers and operators.

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Notes: Press Release - Vizrt - Bergen, Norway - 11 June 2024