Prodys: New Video Features for Portable Audio Codecs.

The Quantum W and Quantum XL portable codecs have built a solid reputation in recent years for their versatility in conducting and transmitting audio programmes with multiple participants in any location.

The year 2021 begins for these Quantum equipments with a major leap forward with the inclusion of new video functionalities, which will permit:

• Receiving images sent from encoders in the studio for use by commentators.

• Connecting to SRT web servers in the cloud to receive images.

• Inserting audio commentary into the received video and forwarding the programme to its final destination.

• Sending live video from the codec to the studio for presentations, interviews, commentator images for PIP...

Info:  & AV SYS*
* Distributor for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - Prodys S.L. - 4th February, 2021