Wheatstone: New Composite FM Megaplexer for High-Speed Links.

Linear audio and the whole FM MPX signal, including FM/HD alignment, from the studio or cloud data center to the transmitter.

New Bern, NC, USA - Wheatstone pioneered a composite FM megaplexer for today’s high-speed data links and solved an important piece of the “audio processing in a cloud” puzzle with the introduction of SystemLink at the NAB show.

Wheatstone SystemLink™ megaplexes linear audio and the full MPX payload, including RDS, pilot and FM/HD alignment, for transport across high-speed data links.

At 24-bit resolution, SystemLink makes it possible to get across the detail necessary for high quality audio. This 24-bit digital MPX and HD audio megaplexer also utilizes RIST, the open-source transport protocol, for reliable, real-time audio transport along with error correction at the lowest possible latency.

With fiber optic, 5G and other high-speed connections becoming more common, SystemLink is an important part of today’s studio-to-transmitter link. By packaging the whole MPX payload for transport over high-speed data links from cloud data centers to the transmitter site, SystemLink is also an important piece of the “audio processing in a cloud” puzzle.

SystemLink can be used with any audio processor, including Wheatstone’s flagship X5 FM/HD audio processor, MP-532 multiprocessor and new Lion FM audio processor. SystemLink is part of the Layers Software Suite as the MPX output of the Layers FM module, which includes multiband processing, PPM watermarking and full RDS capabilities as instances in an onsite server or off-site at cloud data centers.

SystemLink will be at booth W3000, West Hall, along with Wheatstone’s line of audio processors, cloud products and WheatNet-IP audio network products.

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Notes: Press Release - Wheatstone Corporation - New Bern, NC, USA, March 2023