Octopus to unveil latest innovations at NAB 2019.

March 12th 2019 – The 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas is a very special event for Octopus Newsroom. Octopus will demo the innovative Octopus iReporter app at booth SL7627. This new app converts viewers into potential reporters. Octopus iReporter is equipped with an interactive geo-targeting map to locate people near a breaking event.

The Octopus team will also showcase next-generation newsroom planning tools. Real-time collaboration allows teams to contribute from anywhere to anywhere. Octopus expands viewer engagement with social media integration and quick publication on major content management systems.

Octopus will demo an enhanced assignment desk which can also be used for resource management, tracking and expenses monitoring. The assignment desk allows multiple views, including calendar and agenda. Users can also create custom fields within the assignment desk to fit their preferred workflow style.

"Switching to Octopus is much easier than broadcasters using legacy NRCS might think," says Marketing Manager Adam Kennedy-Ripon. "Better yet, Octopus supports both linear and digital broadcasting. It also extends beyond newsroom production to fully support eSports, sports, WebTV and live events. Octopus is currently used globally by the world's largest eSports broadcaster, with significant success.

"Octopus reduces wasted time by facilitating improved sharing options," says Gene Sudduth, National Sales Director for North America. "Content and resources can be shared in real-time between multiple teams working on the same topic and from different platforms."

"Journalists really appreciate the ability to create content remotely from the field on any device," adds Gianluca Bertuzzi, Sales Manager, Latin America & Africa. "This gives them the freedom to work directly from remote locations, share media assets, access wires and rundowns, and create stories for fast delivery back to base."

Octopus Newsroomwas founded in 1999 and is today the world's leading producer of newsroom computer systems. With over 50 MOS partners, Octopus advocates an open environment using the MOS protocol which enables operators to choose freely among high-quality providers of graphics, playout, MAM, prompters, traffic-handing and advertising solutions. Octopus Newsroom has successfully installed systems into more than 300 channels around the world. Based on Unicode, Octopus Newsroom products support all major character sets including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.

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Notes: Press Release - Octopus Newsroom - March 12th 2019