Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) - Announces New Webinar, Q&A Webpage and Updated DRM Handbook.

Following from the two successful webinars “DRM Benefits in Times of Crisis,” the DRM Consortium in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Broadcast Union (ABU) is announcing a follow-up interactive webinar session, focused on “DRM for Education” on June 18th. Details for registration will follow shortly.

The webinar will try to demonstrate how digital radio DRM can be as effective in delivering rich and tailored teaching material to millions of students who have no access to IP connections and devices. The webinar will be mainly practical and interactive and will highlight the great advantage of digital over analogue in delivering education and information in a new way.

This was one of the questions and topics touched upon on during the recent webinars. In order to address the many other questions asked on DRM we are also announcing a “live” page “No Question Too Simple, No Answer too Hard” on the DRM website.

Many of the questions on DRM are answered in the “DRM Handbook – An Introduction and Implementation Guide", freely available on We are now announcing the launch of a new Version 5 of the DRM Handbook.

In the updated Handbook Version 5 the terms "DRM30"/"DRM+" have been officially deprecated as there is only one DRM standard for all frequency bands above and below 30MHz. Together with the addition of the latest DRM features and Consortium benefits, with brief clauses on DRM logos and DRM Live Monitoring Service, the new Handbook is a clearer text benefitting from new and improved graphics, too.

DRM beginners and anyone interested in DRM have now a complete and clear document easily accessible from: .

Notes: Press Release - DRM Consortium - 20th May 2020