European Audiovisual Observatory: What place for female film directors and scriptwriters in European film, TV and VOD?

New gender report free online! Women represent less than one film director out of four in Europe.

This brand new gender report by the European Audiovisuel Observatory examines the role of woman in directing and screenwriting in today's European film, televison and VOD industries.

Here are a few key findings of European Audiovisuel Observatory’s latest gender report:

- Between 2015 and 2018, only 22% of directors of European feature films were women

- Between 2015 and 2019 only 18% of European films had a majority of female directors

- Women represent 25% of screenwriters in film and 34% in audiovisual fiction series

Read-Download below this free report:

The authors - Gilles Fontaine

Gilles Fontaine is Head of the Observatory's Department for Market Information. This report was supported by the European Commission.

The authors - Patrizia Simone

Patrizia Simone is a film and TV Analyst working in the Observatory's Department for Market Information. She follows and reports on gender questions.

Notes: Press Release - European Audiovisual Observatory - 29 July 2020