Pepper FM in Greece Spices up Output with TYPE R.

Contemporary radio station Pepper 96.6 FM in Athens, Greece is reaping the benefits of a Calrec Type R for Radio console to help deliver jazz, rock, funk and reggae to its broad listener base across Athens.

Pepper 96.6 FM chose a Type R configuration with one fader panel and one LSP screen, highlighting the console’s power in a small footprint and showing how a smaller station can upgrade to IP in a highly cost-effective manner. The deal was overseen by Calrec’s Greek partner Bon Studio S.A.

Anastasios Labropoulos, Technical Director at Pepper 96.6 FM, said: “Calrec’s Type R for Radio has many features that are highly valuable to us. Some of the most important ones are around IP technology; expandability for the future; ease of utilization; ease of upgrading software; and last but not least, the number of I/Os and faders.

“Since we are primarily a music station, we had no need for a larger console; the current configuration of the Type R with specific I/O and faders fully covers our needs. Moreover, our cooperation with Bon Studio S.A., Calrec’s distributor in Greece, has been over many years and our trust was crucial to our final choice for purchasing the Type R for our station.”

Calrec’s Type R for Radio is being used daily as the main console in the station’s OnAir studio. Most of the programs are mainly music, though it also broadcasts some talk shows. Pepper 96.6 FM has been on the air for 10 years and reaches more than 5 million listeners across Athens.

Labropoulos added: “We are thrilled to have Type R for Radio in our OnAir studio and are very satisfied with its configuration and seamless operation. If I had to choose from a number of impressive characteristics, I would strongly emphasize the excellent mic preamps, which we regard to be of great quality!”

“Clearly, there’s a need for radio products that are IP-native and that are affordable and expandable as the industry continues to move in that direction, and that’s one of the key strengths of our Type R for Radio console. Even in a minimal configuration, Pepper FM is able to handle all its requirements in a small footprint and still delivers superb audio quality around the clock,” commented Graham Murray, International Sales Manager at Calrec.

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Notes: Press Release - Calrec Audio - October 2021