Calrec Audio for Remote Working - Watch the Video!

Recent global events have accelerated the move to remote working, with many broadcasters moving to remote workflows to keep them on air.

IABM In Conversation with Calrec, NEP, Grass Valley & Net Insight

What happens next with live broadcasting? Calrec, NEP UK, Grass Valley, Net Insight and The IABM discuss the future of live broadcast, remote production and AoIP, whilst sharing experiences and best practices.

As live sports return to our screens, NEP has had to totally reassess how they work, and companies like Calrec are helping prepare for the long-term effects of Covid-19. Click the image above or the button below to watch the discussion unfold.

Watch the Future of Live Broadcast Discussion:

You can find Case Studies about remote broadcasting on Calrec's website.

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Notes: Source: Calrec Audio - July 30, 2020