Spanish LUIS BUÑUEL High School launches a profesional radio studio.

The studio has six journalist workstations, professional radio automation software, and all the necessary equipment for regular operation.

Luis Buñuel High School, in Móstoles, a city of just over 200,000 inhabitants, west of Madrid - Spain, is a public educational center which offers vocational training at intermediate and higher levels, including specialisation in Media, TV and Radio.

This High School has just inaugurated a complete digital radio studio with AEQ technology including CAPITOL IP digital audio mixer. Complete project was executed by AEQ including design, installation, start-up and trainings.

Students of Audiovisual and Entertainment Production will be able to carry out their internships in an environment that replicates the facilities of the typical Spanish real radio stations, adapted to an educational environment as required by teaching.

Luis Buñuel Center inaugurates a new facility: a digital radio studio with a professional profile with a digital audio console with IP connectivity AEQ CAPITOL IP as heart of the project. This studio has been installed to increase its educational offer from the 2021-2022 course, it also extends to the evening shift.

The students of the second year of the cycle, in the Management of Television and Radio Projects module, will now be able to carry out magazines, radio newscasts, or Radio Formula programs as if they were on a real national radio station.

Through the advice, installation and training of AEQ, a Spanish audiovisual services company in radio and television broadcasting, Buñuel increases its educational offer with a firm step and is continuously seeking to raise its standards of quality and service.

The studio is built on the basis of the digital Capitol IP console, with 8 faders and a routing capacity of up to 92 inputs and outputs, memories, audio processing and everything necessary to make radio. It is complemented by a dual internal digital hybrid to facilitate live calls.

In order to work with many students taking part in the program, a Denon microphone mixer and a Behringer headphone amplifier have been added. Thus, guest, presenter or secondary commentator positions are added, with individually adjustable microphone and headphones.

In addition, the studio has a computer with AEQ's AudioPlus automation system capable of recording and broadcasting audio, with manual or automatic scheduling, which allows students to be trained in the production and broadcast of programs with the usual work guidelines in the radio today.

AEQ STUDIOBOX signaling box, facilitates the interaction of the Talent with the controller. Among other buttons, it has the "MUTE" or "Cough Cut" button that cuts the microphones at the will of the program leader when it detects something in the booth that should not be reproduced: Cough, inappropriate conversations or any noise is silenced from the booth itself without the need for the controller to act.

The other button programmed in the “Buñuel” radio studio is TECH. With it, even in the middle of an on-air announcement, the user interrupts the ONAIR microphone to give any instruction to the controller who listens through his monitors or headphones. In the same accessory the signaling is presented, with a green ring when the studio is ready to open microphones, and a red ring when the microphones are ONAIR.

AEQ HB 02 microphone panels allow the connection of each user’s microphone and headphones, and allow an individual regulation of the listening level in each user’s headphones.

In addition, there is a pair of self-powered audio monitors in control and another in the booth to check the quality of the broadcast at a good volume.

In this way, High School Luis Buñuel increases its educational offer with professional radio installations with the support of AEQ's technicians and sales team.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ -  20/10/2021