D&R: AXITE digital studio platform now with new faders.

Our AXITE system is 1 of our 2 digital radio platforms in our range of devices.

The AXITE, which can be seen as the perfect entry-level model to fully digital radio, offers everything you need as a station to make your broadcasts as relaxed as possible. With many choices in settings, this digital table is a versatile unit in the studio.

To make the AXITE feel even more pleasant, we have chosen to install the most reliable fader in the system. The fader that is also incorporated in our popular mixers such as Airmate, Airence and Airlab-DT, namely the K-ALPS.

This change also made it necessary to adjust the frame of the AXITE and it has therefore undergone a minor change. From the front you will not notice any difference, only the depth of the frame has changed minimally.

So from now on the best proven digital AXITE platform, with the best proven fader; K-ALPS.

Info: www.dnrbroadcast.com/axite & & KEM Systems * & NEWERA ELECTONICS SOLUTIONS Ltd **  
  * Reseller for Hellas
** Reseller for Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - D&R Electronica B.V. - May 6, 2024