D&R: Now also a BlueTooth module for Airlab-DT.

In addition to the Airmate and recently the Airence Main, we have now also created a BlueTooth module for our Airlab-DT console. This extends the options that you have for the Airlab-DT.

In addition to the options; digital AES module, VoIP module, Telco module, USB module & the Control module, you can now also choose to place a BlueTooth module inside the Airlab-DT, on every place you want next to the Master section.

This high quality Telephone Hybrid Bluetooth V5.0 circuit connects you directly to a Bluetooth device and accepts Bluetooth calls and play/pause music directly on your Airlab-DT console.

This can be done during the production of your new Airlab-DT inside the D&R factory, or afterwards by purchasing the BlueTooth module.

Info: www.dnrbroadcast.com & KEM Systems * & NEWERA ELECTONICS SOLUTIONS Ltd **  
   * Reseller for Hellas
 ** Reseller for Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - D&R Electronica B.V. - 19-03-2024