D&R: Introducing the Camcon Visual Radio Unit.

Camcon Visual Radio is the newest product within our range of studio products.

Now it's possible to create Visual Radio during your live broadcast with the help of the CamCon trigger unit and its software.

Camcon Visual Radio Unit front view

The combination of the Camcon, its application software, VRC software and OBS is all you need.

D&R Camcon Visual Radio Unit rear view

The 4 channel Camcon trigger unit can be connected (hardwired) in series with up to 4 microphones to control our VRC software that can switch scenes in OBS (freeware).

OBS tools plugin

In this way Visual Radio can be streamed over the Internet together with your audio. The perfect way to make your station visble to the listener.

Info: www.dnrbroadcast.com/camcon &

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Notes: Press Release - D&R Electronica B.V. - 19-08-2022