AEQ Intercom at HAYAT TV in Bosnia.

Hayat TV is a private television channel in Bosnia. It started operations in 1992 and is currently transmitting 5 channels: Hayat HD / Hayat TV, Hayat PLUS, Hayat MUSIC, Hayat FOLK and TV Hayatovci which was the first fully child-oriented channel in the country. Hayat TV broadcasts via RF in the country, as well as on satellite or IPTV platform, which allows them to reach a global audience. Their recent numbers reflect screen shares of more than two million followers in Bosnia, and more than 10 million when all other broadcasts are aggregated. The quality of their work was clearly reflected when in 2002 the company received the prestigious ‘CNN World Report’ award.

Hayat TV has always been one of the television companies in the country that has bet the most on technology and its evolution. It was the first channel to have its own verified account on Facebook or to come out with native HD broadcasts in 2015 and set up its own app from which to centralise all its programmes for smart devices.

As part of the latest technical renovation of its constantly evolving facilities, Hayat TV's technical management decided to install a complete AEQ XPEAK intercom system for its main studio.

AEQ XPEAK is an intercom system that incorporates virtual network technology, through a wizard for automatic global interconnection, eliminating any difficulties of creating the virtual network and configuring the devices to work on it. Thus, different hardware or software user panels are interconnected, as if they all resided in the same physical production centre, whether they are on the same LAN or are scattered in different locations with Internet access. There is no need to have a static IP, no need for dynamic DNS, no need to set up port forwarding, because each user panel is automatically configured according to the local network of its location. It works out of the box in all network environments -  even in very restrictive networks.

A typical system could be consist in several Xpeak devices operating at a single site, and one or more remote devices at residential or remote locations. The on-site devices, in order to access the remote devices, must have an outgoing Internet connection to reach the virtual network server in the cloud that will route the audio bi-directionally to the remote panels.

The AEQ XPEAK family of intercoms includes rack-mountable user panels, desktop, wireless handsets, wired belt- or body-packs , PC SW licensed panels, and interface units for, for example, IFB sources and integration with third-party solutions or devices.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 29/05/2024