Quantum XL with video encoder.

It is increasingly common for broadcasters and commentators to want to add image to their audio contributions. To do this, Prodys has added the possibility of encoding and transmitting video in the Quantum XL portable audio encoder.

June 2019 – Thanks to this option, it is possible to carry out a transmission over IP of two bidirectional stereo audio channels and one H.264 encoded video channel. This transmission is done using the BRAVE protocol, which allows the use of bonding for the transmission of quality video on multiple 3G/4G fixed or wireless links. The BRAVE protocol also ensures high quality transmission on unreliable networks through the use of packet protection tools such as FEC or active recovery of IP packets.

The Quantum XL portable unit with video encoder is complemented by a Quantum ST studio unit with H.264 video decoder.

Info: www.prodys.net/portable-codecs-audio/quantum-xl/ & AV SYS*
* Distributor for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - Prodys - June 2019