VSN Webinar 'News Your Way'.

27-06-2019, Start hour: 15:00 UTC +2, Duration: 45 min.

June 2019 - In the age of multi-platform publishing, it is time to step into a new way of understanding news production, a new era of journalist-centric workflows.

Join this new VSNWebinar to discover its main advantages: 

• Explore the advantages of interoperability and “best-of-breed” solutions in News Production
• Empower journalists to improve speed and flexibility
• Get to your audiences through any platform or social media channel
Meet VSN NewsConnect, the ultimate solution to produce news your way from a single workspace
Flexibility is not important anymore, it is vital. Sign up for this webinar and learn how interoperability is reshaping the news production of the future.

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Info: www.vsn-tv.com & Ariston BTS*
* Dealer for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - VSN - June 2019