VSN updates its corporative image with the launch of its new logo.

VSN, a leading provider of media solutions for the broadcast industry, has updated its corporate image with the launch of its new logo. This renovation is framed on the visual redesign started in 2020 by the company with the restyling of its website and the consolidated bet on digital environments, sustained on actions during these years, like VSN Spotlight virtual events.

VSN’s team has worked for months on the new logo design, which promotes the image of a young, innovative, and modern company. In order to achieve this goal, the firm evolved its actual logo to a renovated strongest version that facilitates brand identification. The V is boosted as a future symbol and acquires the leading role in the logo. On the other hand, the complete logotype with the company’s initials changed to a more visual and attractive look. Thanks to this evolution, the VSN brand is now much more recognizable and has improved its visibility in different physical and digital environments.

However, this visual update does not only affect the logo. VSN has worked to equip its products with a more attractive, visual, and manageable interface. That’s how the company wants to improve the experience of its existing customers and simplify the usability of its systems, attending to the current moment in which the increase in media asset management needs is leading to the arrival of new users outside the Broadcast & Media industry.

In addition, the brand style and typos used in its corporate communications have been updated. Along with this work, new colors have been defined for each of VSN’s media solutions and the company created new branding materials to debut on NAB Show 2022. This corporate image renewal signals the start of a new era at VSN, acquired by Valsoft Corporation in September 2021, and spotlights the constant evolution and look into the future made by the company.

“After the last year’s news and changes, we believed it was the precise moment to address the modernization of our corporate image and logo. We have scheduled this process for months and we want to boost our brand and show everyone what we are: an innovative and young company that doesn’t stop working to improve and advance,” declared Aaron Lopez, VSN’s COO.

On the other hand, Sam Martin, Head of Design at VSN, and the person in charge of this evolution said: “This change seeks to improve our branding placement and equip VSN with a more recognizable, distinctive, and modern identity. We believe the result is a flexible and powerful logo that also respects the historical symbols of the company, which are rooted in the industry.”

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Notes: Press Release - VSN - Barcelona, Spain - March 22nd, 2022