ST 429-18 Immersive Cinema Track File and 429-19 Immersive Audio DCP constraints.

Thursday, May 23, 1 p.m. EDT.

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Steve LLamb, Vice President, Media Technology Standards at Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, and co-chair of SMPTE 21DC.

Building on the work done in 25CSS to create the Immersive Audio Bitstream Essence (SMPTE ST 2098-2) published last year, work was continued in 21DC to create standards based on current practice for packaging and distributing DCPs that contain the 2098-2 Essence. The DCP needed to be functional with existing deployed systems while also maintaining backward compatibility with existing Dolby ATMOS content and rendering systems. Work was done to create a track file (ST 429-18) that would be compatible with a DCinema CPL (ST 429-7), and concurrently, to create additional constraints for Immersive Audio DCPs (ST 429-19) that would be used in addition to, and maintaining compliance with, current DCP Operation Constraints (ST 429-2). This webcast will explore these topics in depth.

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Notes: Press Release - SMPTE - May 8, 2019