EDIUS.NET Podcast - EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition.

In this podcast we will introduce EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition to you. This special edition is only available until the 31st August 2019. It has the same functionality as the regular EDIUS Pro 9 version but is cheaper.

Grass Valley has a special offer for all private users who until now have not worked with EDIUS 9.

Up to the 31st of August 2019 you can purchase the EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition for the recommended retail price of 209 Euros or 239 USD plus local VAT.
Included with the software is a 90 minute tutorial, a PDF manual and technical support.

The offer is only interesting for private users as the Home Edition cannot be used for commercial use.
However the Home Edition performs all functions that are available in the regular EDIUS Pro 9 edition.
Even NewBlue Titler Pro 5 is included.
But the Home Edition is 250 Euros or 260 USD cheaper than the regular EDIUS 9 version.
The offer might be interesting for everyone who has had their eyes on EDIUS Pro 9 for a while, but for whom the regular price was out of budget.

By purchasing one license the EDIUS Home Edition can be installed on two different systems.
For example on one desktop computer and one notebook.

All three updates within version 9 are included.
The current version that you will receive is 9.40.
Please note that the Home Edition is not eligible for upgrades.
That means that you will not be able to get a reduced upgrade offer from the Home Edition to the next version EDIUS 10.

To convince yourself download here and install the free trial version of EDIUS Pro 9.

Info: https://edius.avsys.gr/el/eidiseis/70https://www.avsys.gr/  
* Authorized Reseller for EDIUS and Grass Valley Professional products for Hellas and Cyprus

Notes: Information - AV SYS - June 22, 2019