Mobile Viewpoint: Clipping tool 'Clipper' available in LinkMatrix.

With Clipper, Mobile Viewpoint's real time video clipping application, content producers can select key moments as they occur from a live stream and edit and post them within 30 seconds on Social Media platforms or a private CDN.

With Clipper there is no need for complicated editing systems anymore. Just access the Clipper application through the LinkMatrix portal, select your live stream, select highlights, edit them frame accurately and post them instantly.

Clipper is included for customers with a gold support contract. When you have a bronze or a silver support contract the costs will be € 25 per month. You need a Playoutserver 4 or 5 to use Clipper. You can check your hardware version in LinkMatrix. An upgrade - for only € 450 - of your hardware version is necessary when you have a Playoutserver 4.

Info: & Comart SA*
* Authorized Dealer for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - Mobile Viewpoint - November 2019