Kybio NMS Showcasing with New Automation Module at IBC 2023.

WorldCast CONNECT, a software technology company specializing in network management systems (NMS) for media and broadcast, is proud to announce the launch of a new automation module within Kybio. The goal for this development was to further meet user needs by leveraging technology in service of more efficiency - while enabling time, resource, and cost-savings.

Traditional manual tasks, repetitive interventions, and operational bottlenecks have long hindered business growth. Thanks to the automation module, businesses can say goodbye to these challenges and embrace a new era of productivity with optimized operational processes and streamlined workflows.

Key features and benefits of Kybio’s automation feature:

• Custom workflows and triggers: Enables users to define personalized workflows based on specific conditions or events. These tailored workflows automate crucial actions like alerts and recovery processes to minimize downtime.

• Proactive monitoring and remediation: Users have access to real-time monitoring of metrics and thresholds. Kybio can now automatically respond to anomalies or deviations by executing corrective actions - enabling users to stay one step ahead.

• User-friendly interface: Eliminating the need for coding expertise, the intuitive interface and visual workflow editor enable users of all technical backgrounds to effortlessly design and implement automation workflows.

Overall, the automation module in Kybio provides significant benefits to media and broadcast organizations. It helps streamline operations, reduce human error, improve response times, and optimize resource allocation. By automating routine tasks and enabling proactive monitoring, organizations can focus on higher-value activities such as enhancing productivity and delivering better service quality to their customers.

Available as an on-premise or SaaS license beginning at $4/device/month, users benefit from a straightforward pricing policy for licenses, drivers, and associated services.

For a demo of Kybio advanced monitoring, OSS, and now automation features, contact WorldCast CONNECT or swing by booth 8.C58 at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.

About WorldCast CONNECT

WorldCast CONNECT is a software technology company that develops and commercializes KYBIO, a Network Management System (NMS) for media and broadcast, serving verticals such as IPTV, sports video, satellite, cable, radio, and TV. With its innovative solution, WorldCast CONNECT empowers its customers with a simpler, more efficient monitoring and control platform to improve the service quality and total cost of ownership of their IP-enabled equipment and facilities. WorldCast CONNECT is a part of WorldCast Group. Headquartered in Bordeaux, France, and with offices in the US and UK, the group generates more than 85% of its turnover internationally. Customers also benefit from local support through a large network of trusted partners and distributors.

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Notes: Press Release - WorldCast CONNECT - Bordeaux, France, August 22nd