Sofia Metropolitan Radio has renewed its studios with AEQ equipment.

The station has equipped its studios with the AEQ Capitol IP audio mixer as the heart of the system.

The Radio of the Metropolitan of Sofia - "Diocesan Voice" is a radio station of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. It can be enjoyed 24/7 by residents of Bulgaria and abroad. The Diocesan Voice offers a religious programming schedule with church music programmes, orthodox talks and live masses from the Metropolitan Church of Sveta Nedelya. It can currently be heard online at

The studio is built based on the AEQ CAPITOL IP digital console, with 8 faders and a routing capacity of up to 92 inputs and outputs, memories, audio processing and everything you need to make radio. It is complemented by its Capitol Screen application.

In addition, the station is equipped with an AEQ Netbox 4 MH interface and AEQ Venus 3, Alio and Talent Audiocodecs.

Diocesan Voice has installed several AEQ accessories to facilitate the work, such as the AEQ Studiobox signalling box, which facilitates the host's interaction with the controller. Among other buttons, it has the "MUTE" or "Cough Cut" button that cuts the microphones at the will of the programme head when it detects something in the booth that should not be listening: Coughing, inappropriate conversations or any noise is muted from the booth itself, without the need for the controller to act.

The entire project has been coordinated and implemented by the integrator Syntegra Partners (a company belonging to SEG - Special Events Group). Headquartered in Bulgaria, this company is mainly dedicated to equip events and other facilities with AV systems. Their years of experience in the sector allow them to offer their clients the right technology for each project.

The engineer in charge of the project was Nikolay Kachamakov, CTO at SEG.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 13/10/2022