Yellowtec: Podcasts are today's and tomorrow's medium!

With growing audiences and increasing diversity in supply, podcasts are gaining more and more power as a platform to distribute content. The expanding reach and rising variety demands for high-quality recording gear. That's why Yellowtec supports the podcast community to make recording smarter. We show up as partner of multiple podcast events all around the world. This month we were part of Podcast-Helden-Konferenz in Düsseldorf, Germany and shared new insights of the podcast market.

Podcaster's best choice - professional tools by Yellowtec.

As a manufacturer of intuitive recording equipment, Yellowtec stands by podcast events as a sponsor and partner to reach one goal: Everyone should be able to produce podcasts in a smart and easy way without any technical obstacles to overcome.

"Premium-quality equipment becomes more and more important to earn success within the professional podcast industry. Yellowtec offers a wide range of products which directly targets the specific need of podcasters. Relying in our solutions, they can completely focus in their content. What you get are high-quality recordings with perfect levels at the push of a button", explains Yellowtec's Sales Director Andy Mikutta.

Επερχόμενες Εκδηλώσεις:

"Finding our Place in the Podcast Space"

Μινεάπολις, Μινεάπολις, Η.Π.Α.
19-21 Ιουνίου

Συναντήστε μας στο The Conclav της Μινεάπολις για να συζητήσουμε τη μετάβαση από τη ραδιοφωνική μετάδοση στο podcasting, με τον Steve Goldstein.

Podcast Movement

Ορλάντο, Φλόριντα, Η.Π.Α.
13-16 Αυγούστου

Ελάτε μαζί με τη Yellowtec στο Podcast Movement - τη μεγαλύτερη σύναξη podcasters στον κόσμο.

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* Dealer for Hellas and Cyprus

Notes: Press Releases - Yellowtec - May 31, 2019