Yellowtec: Keep your mixing on top and up-to-date! Upgrade to the new Intellimix Focus!

Intellimix has been your loyal companion over the past years? There are multiple reasons why you love your first generation Intellimix and why you stick to it. But all good things come to an end sooner or later. And technically there is a lot more in today!

We have what you've been waiting for. For all the users of the first generation Intellimix, we now have the perfect replacement and upgrade. The new 4-channel Intellimix Focus offers you all the features that you love about your previous Intellimix and it adds a lot more features...

NEW: Intellimix Focus

Intellimix Focus makes mixing even easier! It is designed for users that do not need more than four channels. There are no detailed adjustments to be handled that may distract less technically experienced users from their actual mixing task. Its lower price compared to Intellimix Pro makes Intellimix Focus the ideal solution for single work places and less technically experienced users like many reporters. As such it is the perfect replacement for every first-generation Intellimix.

Watch what Intellimix offers you!

Our new how to videos will guide you through all the Intellimix features.

Control as many channels as you want

Intellimix Focus comes as a 4-channel mixer for all those who don't need to control more sources than that! Choose according to your requirements!

Get the AoIP solutions that you really need

If you want to, you can upgrade your Intellimix Focus with connectivity to the whole package of AoIP solutions. Therefore, you need the optional X64 AoIP Extension.

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* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - Yellowtec - April 9, 2020