Benefit from the freedom of m!ka CamStud from Yellowtec.

Get a whole new kind of camera stand by combining m!ka CamStud with a m!ka Mic Arm. Effortlessly bring your camera into position and move it into any direction: up and down, from side to side, closer to you or further away. You'll get exactly the camera alignment and frame you enjoy. There is no camera mounting option that even gets close to the flexibility of m!ka CamStud.

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Check out the Video:

Give your camera the space it deserves.

Attach your favored camera to m!ka CamStud. This way you make it a valued member of your video recording and streaming setup. Any camera with 1/4" thread fits.

Choose from a lot of impressive options.

Alternatively to creating a camera boom, place your CamStud on top of a m!ka System Pole or on a m!ka Pole Adapter. Then use the CamStud's ball-joint to further adjust your camera alignment.



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Notes: Press Release - AV SYS - September 2021