AV SYS -Yellowtec - NEW - The m!ka family is growing: Welcome m!ka PopShield!

Achieve better voice recordings with a pop filter!

We present the optimally tuned pop shield for your m!ka Mic Arm: m!ka PopShield! No annoying mounts. No unpleasant readjustments. The new m!ka PopShield follows all movements of your mic boom and your mic. It always stays in position and blends with the clean design of the m!ka Mounting System while caring for your voice recordings.

Choose a m!ka PopShield to improve your recordings.

As a pop filter, the m!ka PopShield prevents the overdriving of your microphone during extreme sounds. Particularly powerful letters such as P, B, T and D can ignite so called "pop noises". If these sounds enter the microphone unfiltered, the result is an inferior, distorted recording. m!ka PopShield prevents this.

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m!ka PopShield matches any m!ka Mic Arm.

Seamlessly integrate a m!ka PopShield into your m!ka setup via the 5/8" thread of your mic boom. It is made to fit any m!ka Mic Arm – no matter which size or color option you choose! The PopShield's gooseneck provides flexibility and allows for quick and easy positioning without compromise!


Info: www.yellowtec.com/mika & www.avsys.gr/el/ *

* Certified Distributor for Greece and Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - AV SYS - September 2021